What Will I Miss

September 7, 2018, marks the day we started the journey across this great nation of ours. We landed in Walnut Creek at the Embassy Suites, for seven days. Jodie takes pride in leaving the home for the new Buyer in the condition that Jodie would love to enter a newly purchased home.

Driving along I 680, I 580 now I 5 I absorb much of the California scene, you know golden dry hills, automobile operators that act as if their competing in a Sears Point race. Many pass me, driving a moderate speed of sixty-five. The younger operators almost brake their necks giving me the evil eye. I wish that times like this, Driving in craziness, I had Stephen King’s main character, Christine, the car with revenge in her carburetor and smoking despise exiting her exhaust. I would turn on the radio with the Eagles song, “Take It Easy,” playing and let Christine take over demolishing these crazy drivers. Mentioning Christine taking over, she was the first self-driven car. During all this action on the I680 and I580 interstates, I reflect on the insanity of traveling Vasco road to and from Livermore or Highway 4 from Brentwood to Richmond. Motorcycles and cars are racing between and around vehicles driving the State legal speed limit.

We stopped at Andersen’s Inn and restaurant, all three of us needed a restroom break. Andersen’s was where I was first introduced to split pea soup. Every chance I got, I wanted to stop for a bowl. This time I struggled from ordering a bowl. Jodie investigated one of the can’s for sale, informing me that there was 750mg of sodium. We walked away, satisfied with the memories.



Born and raised in California. The military and University attendance were the only distractions that pulled me away from the State. Jodie, and family have resided in California, most of their life. At a young age of nineteen, a job in an Alaskan shrimp cannery and the beginnings of her real estate career in Portland pulled her away from the State.

The relocation of the family is usually the pull to relocate, following the grandchildren, as in our case. We have heard all the standard warnings of, “their careers may have them move again, then what?” “You’re going to hate the humidity, the lifestyle of the Southern’s are different than Californian’s.” Yes, but the positive is, we will be with our family and should our daughter decide to have a child and give up her career, Grandma wants to be on hand to help. When it is humid, we will utilize the pool, club, or our home as we did in Brentwood.



Jodie’s positive outlook on life set her mind on North Carolina as a new adventure for not only her but Don as well. She will not pass up an experience, always reading and researching the next European trip.

The convenience of California to sports events, summer and winter activities, theatre, friends all these wonderful conveniences, will be missed.

The highest paying industries in Barstow, CA by mediam earnings, are transportation, warehousing, professional, scientific, technical services, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting. Not sure where forestry fits in, Barstow is in the Mojave Desert.

We will rest our heads in Barstow.






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