Sales Conclusion

There is always the final touches to the real estate transactions. Home clean, touch up paint, releasing apps that run a semi-smart home, cleaning up behind the packers, and those loading the goods into the trailer. The legal leg of the transactions, signing papers, buyers walkthrough, then the curtains close with wiring the final funds into the seller’s account. I love the sound of my cash register drawer closing.

Reflecting over the adventure reveals plenty of hurdles that had to maneuver. One of the most challenging obstacles is when the husband and wife have been in construction project management, and both try to take the lead on the tasks to complete. I’m not going to point fingers, and I can honestly say, we both were successful at our career’s.

We are residing in an Embassy Suites in Walnut Creek until the cash register drawer closes. Breakfast and Happy Hour included in the price.

Service Animals show some signs of being nervous. Remaining close, following you around to make sure they are not left behind. Signally you when body chemistry changes, even in the slightest degree. No matter how many times you inform them that they will not be left behind, they remain glued to you.

What would I change or do the next time differently? There will be no next time.

Every project manager maintains a project diary. The diary includes meeting notes, telephone log, material changes, design changes, delay excuses, quality of all subcontractors, quality of client, even weather, notes on government agencies, change orders and reasons for cost increases. Over the years, I valued my projects higher in costs, then the engineers and architects did. When approached with a change order, I would detail my notes on the reason why consult with our team who came from all the disciplines in the fields and work out a non-change order solution. Sat with the contractor pointed to our specifications, where their change order was addressed and handed back the change order unsigned. If you ever worked for a government agency, this is the method utilized in their specifications.

In moving, all estimators included every item to pack and ship. The estimated cost of move reflected in the total weight that they calculated. In that weight estimate were items that we knew would not be included in the move. The truck would be weighed before loaded, and weighed after being loaded. Final price at delivery should go down.

Project diaries come in handy even in our personal lives.


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