The Hazard Of Moving

We haven’t departed the home we sold, and the obstacles are mounting.

Sales Transaction Obstacles:
No matter how many times you may have moved, you will shed yourself of items that you collected to keep forever; now it is deposited into your memory as something on another trip can be replaced. After all, you WILL NEVER move again…???

Asking For Packing Boxes On Social Media

Social Media, a great way to stay in touch with relatives, tell jokes, ask advice; when asking for moving boxes will signal new settlers that you are now opening shop as the neighborhood recycler. You will even have individuals leaving boxes on the side of your home; call you and tell you the boxes on the side of the house. NextDoor reduces an entire town to meaning Next Door.

Post the excess on NextDoor may be rewarding of passing on to your NextDoor neighbor who is selling?

Roofing Inspection

Here is a warning. Buyers agents have no idea whom to utilize for professional inspections of buildings. You as the seller have no say so if the Buyer is paying for the inspection.

Our home is four years old and has a cement tile roof. The inspector was all of sixteen years old, working for The Roof Doctor; a subsidiary of a roofing contractor. The report arrives, and here are the inspector’s findings;

1) Several broken tiles – repair with fifty-year roofing tape.
2) Debre in a location not accessible; will need to remove five feet of tile to clean and replace.
3) Drain valley is not appropriately roofed for proper drainage; remove several feet of tile to reroof.
4) Ridge not properly sealed.
Price to do all this work, $1,700

The Buyers Broker discussed the report with all parties. They looked at me as to say, well are you going to repair?

I explained that my wife and I have been in commercial construction engineering for over forty years. If I secured the service of “Roof Doctor,” I would void the installers warranty, and if repaired with fifty-year tape, most likely the manufactures warranty would be void.

I said my recommendations, let me secure the service of the installing contractor and I would be willing to pay their price, but the had to agree not to pay Roof Doctor.

I contacted the installing contractor; they sent a technician (a new term in the roofing industry) out he inspected the roof and here is his findings;
1) Cleaned all debris from overhang – no charge
2) Replaced one tile with the same material – issued a one year warranty for work.
3) Inspected ridgeline, valley and all areas of the roof – all adequately roofed.
Total cost: $187.00
One side note; the inspector from the other company broke the tile. It was evident in the placement of the tile on the roof, and the broken piece was a small corner which the previous inspector stepped on to break.

We all know, unless documented by a photo, it would be hard to prove. So, the Buyer did not pay Roof Doctors bill.

Revenge can be sweet.

All Other Inspections

The inspector did his inspection and reported that what proper construction, not to worry.

Home Inspector

Three minor repairs recommended. It involved touch up paint. The developer provided all the paint codes and the actual paint store who maintained all records of colors by lot number. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to go to the paint store, give the lot number, answer a few minor questions, like interior or exterior.

Your Responsibility

I received a new CPAP mask. Anyone who uses CPAP’s knows there are times when you experience weird dreams or nightmares. Heavily breathing, panic set in deep. Dreaming about the day of the move the gas fireplace was not working; unusual for mid-summer. The Buyer and their Broker stood there staring at me with stares that said, “well fix it.” I woke up.



Homes sold to a Buyer needing a mortgage require an appraisal. The lender told the Buyer that no visual appraisal was necessary due to the age of the house and reviewing the Selling Brokers photos online.

Packers & Loading

All the wives I know call packing and load horror week. All the husbands I know try to hide or run out to the hardware store; you know the hardware store that serves alcohol.

Two days to pack all that is going into the truck and two days to load the truck, knowing that the loaded trailer will become the storage facilities. Where will they keep the storage facilities? Let us pray that it is not alongside Interstate 40. Gee, we may pass our furniture as we travel east from California to North Carolina?

Storage & Wait

We have approximately 50 days before our new home in North Carolina will be completed, and we can move in. When selling and constructing a new home, timing will never match, but we came close.

We hope to post as we travel across the country, articles of interest and photos.


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