Quiet, Relaxing Tahoe

Tales and Stories

My first visit to Lake Tahoe at age 5, was exciting being surrounded by massive mountains. At age 8, I was allowed to roam behind my grandmother’s cabins located on Montreal Blvd., South Lake Tahoe. The mountain was my venture into the deep wilderness. I tried sneaking up on chipmunks and squirrels. I climbed massive stones, some I could see the Lake once on top. I first strapped on a pair of snow skis and taught myself how to turn on a patch of snow behind the cabins.

I have been told stories by my Grandparents of Mrs. Whitney who settled on the mountain. With the help of an old Spaniard, she and he built a beautiful cabin and all girls private summer camp. She, with the assistance of the Spaniard, cut trees, removed the bark, and let them dry,  all at Lakeside. Once properly dried, they would haul them up the mountain where they built her home. During snow season, they moved them by using a large flatbed sled, drawn by horses. My grandparents had visited her home, telling me how her bed was placed into a bay window projecting out from the room, which allowed her to look over the treetops to see the lake.  I have heard, from longtime locals, that her nephew still lives on the property and works at Harvey’s.

The foundation is all that remains of the camp after it burned down.

The original Harvey’s was a meat market that had a gambling back room. Since Harvey’s was the only meat market around, the locals bought their meat from him. The story goes, when Harvey was drunk and sleeping it off behind the counter, the locals would take what they needed, weighed the meat and left payment on top of the next to the till.

There is the story of Fannette Island, where the “Tea House” is located in Emerald Bay. Constructed for Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight where she had noon tea with her summer guests.

Before Mrs. Knight had the tea house constructed, Captain Dick Barter had built his cabin on top of the island. His cabin location blazed the trail for Mrs. Knight’s tea house. The story of his demise goes something like this. The Captain was a deep sea sailor who had moved to Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay. The story told, was that he would sail his boat to Tahoe City where he would stay late drinking. Emerald Bay is located several miles from Tahoe City. Anyone familiar with the rapid weather changes of Lake Tahoe Basin can attest that weather can change rapidly and catch a sailor off guard. In 1873 this happened to Captain Barter as he sailed back to the island from Tahoe City. His boat was found capsized along the shore of the lake. His body was never found. To this day, at night around midnight, the time he usually would have arrived back to his island, his ghost can be observed climbing slowly up the path of the island. He will sing a drunken sailors song as he treks back to the cabin. Wikipedia 15 September 2017

Quirky Lake Tahoe Stories

By Tahoe Staff   http://tahoe.com/articles/quirky-lake-tahoe-stories

“Any self-respecting town should have its weird stories, and Lake Tahoe’s quirky ones make for entertaining pondering. For starters, there’s George Whittell. He was an odd old bird with enough money to excuse his eccentricities. A preservationist at heart, Whittell bought up several tracts of land on the north near Incline Village and built himself quite the stunning residence, Thunderbird Lodge. As far as quirky goes, Whittell would throw poker parties in the game room, and if his luck were down, instead of enjoying the sport of the game, he’d excuse himself to the bathroom, open a compartment in the shower and retreat to the lodge via a secret passageway, never losing face or money.

If you’re interested in gory lore, the locals claim that the when the mafia had bodies to dispose of, the thugs would throw the corpses into the middle of the lake. The depth of the lake and near-freezing temperatures, these individual are said to be suspended several meters below the surface, fully intact, one still wearing her wedding gown. And, we can’t help but mention the legendary Frank Sinatra — a fire involving his cherished CalNeva at Crystal Bay, some insurance money and a whole lot of not talking about the scandal.

Then there’s Sand Harbor State Park, the only state park in Nevada that consistently makes money due to the popularity of the beaches, convenience of the boat launch and stellar lifeguard staff.

And, what about ole Mark Twain? He visited Lake Tahoe to stake a claim for timber or gold and ended up burning down his shanty, all the trees on his claim allotment and on down to the beach.

If you’re looking for a place with a distinctive personality, make sure to visit Tahoe and ask the locals lots of questions. You’ll get truth and legend and a good laugh if nothing else.”


Street Entertainment 
October/November 2017 – Just Before The First Snows
Before the first snow and the ski crowds visiting, South Shore Lake Tahoe offers a relaxing environment. Bands and musicians play for the entertainment of patrons to California Burger, Azul (Mexican cuisine) and Base Camp Pizza, seen above and below.



Salmon Return To Their Birth Spot

Within the borders of the National Forest Service, Visitors Center flows Taylor Creek.












As a youth, my grandfather and I fished Taylor Creek. I cannot remember ever catching salmon. In fact, I never snagged any fish out Lake Tahoe; I was too busy exploring and not enough time fishing.

For other water sports, the Lake is perfect. The first two feet of the top layer, the water is warm, below that the water remains cold. Our children used the tops of wetsuits for wakeboarding and even swimming.

Sitting in a ski boat in the middle of the lake offers a person and their dog, time to be transported into nirvana. Very little boat traffic, and almost o interruptions. Be sure to lather on the sunscreen for the periods of sleep because of the warm sun.

Riva Grill
Serves a great meal and you can enjoy the view of the lake from any spot within the restaurant or on its outdoor deck.

Riva Grill is located at the Lake end of Ski Run Blvd. on the lake. The location to board MS Dixie Dinner Dance Cruise to Emerald Bay and back. During dinner, the sun sets in the western hemisphere.


Marriotts Timber Lodge and Grand Residence

Situated between the Marriott’s Timber Lodge and Grand Residence is Heavenly Valley’s Gondola. In late October and early November Heavenly’s crews are performing maintenance on all their lifts. When staying at either Marriott resort during ski season, leave your apartment to walk out the door with ski’s, and you get on the Gondola to head up the mountain.



Within the same village are shops, bars, restaurants, art galleries, ski shops, water sports shops and all these only steps away from Harrah’s and Harvey’s.


Gambling During Slow Times

The casinos are almost crowd-free, so much so that you can walk up to tables and play without waiting. Slot machines are wide open. The casino atmosphere is also relaxing,

During our visit, Harvey’s was holding the 2017 World Series Of Poker Circuit Event.



Strolls To The Lake
Mornings offer a great time to walk from the Marriott to the sit on the Beach of the Lake. Spend time reflecting, creative thinking or running with the kids along the Beach. The Mountains surround you, giving you the feeling of almost like a baby wrapped in a blanket. Reflections off the lake of these surroundings add to the dramatic experience.





Lake Tahoe during off times offers us the opportunity for solitude and quiet time. Time to:

1: Overcome Fears

2: Let go of guilt

3: Change our mindset

Christina Park, a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine, can provide a more in-depth into these three topics.  https://tinybuddha.com/blog/3-ways-embrace-need-solitude-quiet-time/

The busy person needs to plan for quiet times each day, as well as extended stays of quiet time. Retirees will experience to reflect on how to get back in tune with themselves. Lake Tahoe will offer the perfect environment for these rejuvenating sessions between seasons.


While writing the article, I contacted Lake Tahoe Historical Society out of curiosity on Mrs Whitney. I wanted to verify the stories my grandfather had shared with me during my times for visiting the Lake. Remember, grandfathers, love to elaborate on the facts in order to create a story of excitement. Lake Tahoe Museum ran and operated by volunteers. When I inquired about Mrs Whitney, I was informed that Free Lance Writer Jill Beede just completed an article about the founding of Camp Chonokis that was founded by Mrs Whitney and Mrs Pope of Pope Estates South Lake Tahoe, Pope Estate

Jill composes the fiction article from the eyes of one of the young ladies who grew-up attending Camp Chonokis. The story changes from an all-girls school to an all-girls summer and winter camp.

Should you find yourself curious about this fantastic fiction article, contact Lake Tahoe Museum to ask for the article to be mailed to your home. Better, visit the Museum and become a member asking for a copy of the article. Membership is more than reasonable.

Lake Tahoe, an exciting Alpine experience with hundreds of stories, all exciting. Polk Estates has a very exciting story of history. Another Blog article for a different time.


Time To Move

Our children broke the news that they are planning on relocating to North Carolina. Why North Carolina.

“We’re tired of trying to gain a foothold, here in California. We want better schools for our children without having to pay an arm and a leg to private schools.” California may be the wealthiest State in the Union, but it rates 26th out of 50, where North Carolina is 16th out of 50. Ratings are always changing. School Ratings By State  If a child falls into the category of upper or upper middle class, these families most likely can reside in a better school district. Those who are unable to live in the better school district, fall into the category of not succeeding. Of course, this statement is based on averages.

This conversation took place two years (2016) ago. Mom and Dad scratched their heads contemplating the future ahead without the son and daughter, but the grandchildren are the primary focus.

We have heard all the stories about grandparents following grandchildren. The grandchildren’s parents move around due to career opportunities. Grandchildren grow to become teenagers, grandparents become less critical. Actually, the teenage years will happen no matter if the grandparents are close or off in some distant land. Californians moving to the South? How would that mix with our personalities?

We weighed all the pros and cons, listened to all the advice. We decided to travel to North Carolina, after discovering the areas that our children were contemplating. Once we flew back, spent a few days in the Charlotte area, the Ashville area, we knew it was going to be difficult making a final decision. The difficulty was not the move necessarily, but Ashville is a beautiful area. The winter climate is harsher then the flatter plains, that would be something we would need to adjust too.

The First To Move

Our son and son-in-law traveled back to scope out several areas around the Charlotte area. With Charlotte becoming the financial capital of the United States, this city is growing with the construction of all types of buildings. The millenniums are taking over the city. No place for the retired.

Mooresville, North Carolina is a great area for young families. Schools are rated high for the State and Nation; grandkids will be given a running chance at life with a solid education. Jobs are plentiful, that opens the door for the parents. Cost of living is less than in California. Mooresville, NC   This will be the first time for this family to live in a three bedroom home. A yard, nestled in a young and growing community. Close to schools, shopping, and activities for the family.

The town is on the edge of Lake Norman, the largest man-made lake in the U.S., owned by Duke Energy. The State Park offers camping, educational talks, and plenty of hiking trails. Duke Energy Parks

Trilogy to Trilogy – 

Trilogy Lake Norman North Carolina

IMG_1089Years of residing in the Contra Costa area makes it difficult, for the grandparents in deciding to move. Another factor is the process of packing, planning for the storage of personal items, furniture, temporary residence while our new home is completed being constructed. Oh, don’t forget to separate things to maintain your hygiene and clothing while other items sit in storage.

We reside within an active adult community, Trilogy At The Vineyards located in Brentwood, California. We have lived with the activities, the lifestyle, the excitement. Trilogy On Lake Norman offers the same lifestyle as the one we currently reside. But we didn’t stop searching for other active adult communities to move. After our search, it was Trilogy that we wanted. Easy decision, but difficult to decide on purchasing a resale or building. That decision was made for us, there were no resales of the models we wanted.

Off to see the salesperson whom we have dealt with for the past two years. To discuss the cost of building another new home; this time in Denver North Carolina near Lake Norman and across the lake from Mooresville. The family will be near to the grandparents for holiday dinners.

The decision was comfortable, with homes less expensive than in California. The same associated community that will lend itself to commonality in lifestyles.

Ducks in Order

Moving is an overwhelming task, and this task is strained no matter if it is relocating to around the corner or across the nation. In our case, it is across the country and based on our California home selling. Do we have a contingency plan if our home doesn’t sell? Guess if it takes that long, we could become landlords. Though the trend on homes up for sale, do not end up becoming rentals because of not selling. So our house is on the market, any interested parties?

In planning one must consider movers, storage, temporary housing, driving to the new State versus having the car(s) transported. The timing of having the movers to pack the items to be moved. Selling or donating the articles not to be moved. Maintaining the home for sale in showcase fashion and departing the house for someone to view in consideration of purchase. The most expensive portion is the move itself. Vehicle transportation was priced at $1,600 from California to North Carolina.

The number of individuals or couples who are out for an afternoon drive, deciding to stop in for viewing at first are overwhelming, As the newness wains, the earnest buyers trickle in for consideration. There have been many times where an emotional decision of the first crowd decides to purchase.

Once a buyer has decided to purchase, then all of the inspections start. Contractors in and out for various inspections, appraisers, must agree with the price and the new buyer wants you out so they can move into their new home, and you want to get out to end this nerve testing task.

When all is over, and you are in your new home, let out that big sigh of relief. Taking in the new surroundings, all of a sudden the front door opens and run in the screaming grandchildren. Whats to eat!





Family Roots

Why do individuals decide to move outside their native State? What would be the appeal of moving to a different population climate? Less expensive, slower life pace, heritage, there are many reasons.

We are traveling to North Carolina to explore retirement communities and to experience climate. Our children and grandchildren are seriously considering moving for a better way of life. Housing, wages, opportunities, and the slower lifestyle has become indicing for them. If the grandchildren and parents move, grandma and grandpa will follow.

Researching my heritage has pointed my research to North Carolina, the state that many of my family landed or traveled from New York to North Carolina to reside and farm.  Other members lived in North and South Carolina, then moving western at the request of the Government. Interesting how I am able of tracing family traveling the Eastern States finding good soil to grow. I have discovered distant cousins who fought in the American Revolution. The same of two brothers who, also, were distant cousins residing in North Carolina, one entering the Union Forces and one the Confederates. Remind you of our history class and being told that brother fought against brother.

Grandma Nan & Aunt Margie

My Cherokee Great Great Grandmother Nan Hair with her granddaughter Margie Barnett

An interesting fact that was not well publicized was the choice of my military service, United States Marine Corps, where attached to the Confederacy. There were attachments in the Union forces; United States Navy utilized their ships for attacks up and down many of the rivers along the east coast. Example, the first shot fired to begin the war, was fired from a Confederate ship, attacking Fort Sumter. The Marines throughout history, have been part of the Navy, protecting their ships and officers.

Asheville, North Carolina

Quaint artist city and home of the University of North Carolina. Liberal in nature, though I have never visited a University City that was not liberal. Something to be said for the academic world, opening the mind of youth absorbing all knowledge and that which has been discovered. Without that attitude and choice of mental process, would our world be where it is today, technologically, scientifically, physically, literately even theologically?

Our visit to this Mountain area was to explore active adult retirement communities. Visiting two retirement communities, along with the surrounding area, we knew that this would be the place to visit, for I  those in their retirement years, these communities of yesteryear do not comply with those who are still very active.

Visiting Asheville requires a minimum of an entire day touring George Washington Vanderbilt II (November 14, 1862 – March 6, 1914) estates. He was an art collector and member of the prominent Vanderbilt family, which had amassed a considerable fortune through steamboats, railroads, and various business enterprises. He built the 250-room Biltmore House, the largest home in the United States.

George decided to construct his country mansion and estate in 1888. For this purpose he acquired 130,000 acres in North Carolina, hiring architect Richard Morris Hunt to design a limestone house modeled on the Chateau de Blois. With up to five acres of floor space, this is believed to be the most significant domestic dwelling ever constructed in the United States.

At Biltmore, George led the life of a country gentleman. Having a great interest in horticulture and agriscience, he oversaw experiments in scientific farming, animal bloodline breeding, and silviculture (forestry). His goal was to run Biltmore as a self-sustaining estate. In 1892, Olmsted suggested that Vanderbilt hire Gifford Pinchot to manage the forests on the estate. According to Pinchot, who went on to be the first Chief of the United States Forest Service, Biltmore was the primary professionally managed forest in the U.S.

After his death, George’s widow sold approximately 86,000 acres of the Biltmore property to the US Forest Service at $5 an acre, fulfilling her husband’s wishes to create the core of Pisgah National Forest. She sold additional land as finances demanded; today, about 8,000 acres remain. Edith Dresser Vanderbilt later married Peter Goelet Gerry (1879–1957), a United States Senator from Rhode Island. Cornelia Stuyvesant Vanderbilt (George and Edith Vanderbilt’s only child) married British aristocrat, John F. A. Cecil, a descendant of William Cecil in 1924. Her sons, George and William, eventually inherited the property. George Cecil, the older of the two sons, chose to inherit the majority of the estate’s land and the Biltmore Farms Company, which was more profitable than the house at the time. The younger son, William Cecil was thus left with Biltmore House and is credited with preserving the chateau which (though still privately owned) has been opened to the public. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Washington_Vanderbilt_II

Charlotte, North Carolina

Gold rush 1799

Levine Museum of the New South – an adventure through the history from slavery to freedom. Showing newscasts of busing black students to upper established high schools to force desegregation. April 1971. President Richard Nixon spoke out that he was against busing. Once again he was wrong, though he was wrong about plenty of topics.

Billy Graham was from Charlotte North Carolina. Graham was a born-again Christian to go on and lead a revolution into a country of morals.

Charlotte was cotton fields, other agricultural growth.

Enough history, let us move back to present day.

We reside in Trilogy at the Vineyards in Brentwood, California. A resort type retirement community. Enjoying the various activities, art club, photography, hiking, even traveling on daily adventures.

Our children announced they were moving to North Carolina, a less expensive living style. Needless to say, if the grandchildren relocate, the grandparents are not far behind. Researching retirement communities in North Carolina, I discovered another Trilogy at Lake Norman, East of Charlotte. Same Builder, same Club management, this would allow for constancy in quality of the building, club management, and various facilities.

Charlotte North Carolina Today

Thriving City, the Financial Capital of the East coast.

A melting pot, from around the world.

Reasonable living costs, housing, dining, sporting events, transportation,

People are friendly

Trilogy on Lake Norman an active adult community, an ongoing play land for adults. Full service resturant with choices from vegan to southern style cuisene. Boating, painting and pottery. More to offer then our existing Trilogy offers. Those with health concerns the chef, at Trilogy on Lake Norman, understands what is required for a proper healh diet.


Resturant Bar area during Friday Night Live Entertainment

Every home backs up to wetlands filled with trees and wildlife. Eleven miles of natural trails and six miles of paved trails for hiking with your dog. A dog friendly community, with a dog park for social activities for the canine.

We choose Trilogy on Lake Norman with all its Southern charm.


Our view from the back of the home 


Hiking paths



Live concert pravillion